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Interview: Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann’s new record is, in fact, not new at all. It’s more of her melancholy, melodic pop — songs about heartbreak and disappointment sung in soberly deadpan tones. It’s not groundbreaking or discordant, and it’s not going to top the charts. In other words, it’s everything an Aimee Mann record should be. [Click here […]

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Interview: Mike Mills of R.E.M.

The songs on R.E.M.’s new album, Accelerate, are the loudest and fastest the band has recorded since the mid-1980s, when their unique sound was ruling college campuses. The intervening years, of course, were full of chart-toppers and canonic music videos, but the band’s reputation was somewhat sullied with 2004’s dull and lifeless Around the Sun. […]

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Track review: Haley Bonar, “Big Star”

I could listen to Haley Bonar sing anything. It helps that her songs are usually well-crafted, and that the production is meticulous, but for me, it’s all about the voice. It’s light without being weak, airy without being empty. There are years in there, experiences you don’t, and never will, know about. [Click here for […]

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Essay: Wolf Songs For Lambs by Jonathan Fire*Eater

Jonathan Fire*Eater’s story is unfortunately all too common in the music business: band releases strong EP, band signs to major label, band releases major label debut, band is never heard from again. DreamWorks released Wolf Songs For Lambs on the heels of mountains of buzz, only to see the record fizzle despite critical acclaim. Yet […]

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Record review: Iron & Wine

Sam Beam, the singer-songwriter behind the name Iron & Wine, made a name for himself with the four-track masterpiece The Creek Drank the Cradle in 2002. But rather than staying lo-fi, he’s moved on to bigger productions. On his third Iron & Wine full-length, he goes for his biggest sound yet, but the production is […]

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Record review: Two Gallants

Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel have long been trying for a sound that’s both earthy and artsy, Bright Eyes folk rock delivered with an aw-shucks squint. So far — on two full-lengths and a pair of EPs — the results have been underwhelming. [Click here for more]

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Track review: Immaculate Machine, “Dear Confessor”

Chances are, when you heard the New Pornographers were replacing Neko Case on their tour with Carl Newman’s niece, you said to yourself, “Someone’s taking Neko’s place? And Carl Newman has a niece old enough to sing for the New Pornographers!?” [Click here for more]

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Interview: Brother Ali

Brother Ali burst onto the Minneapolis hip-hop scene in 2000, when he released his cassette-only demo Rites Of Passage. He soon signed to Twin Cities label Rhymesayers Entertainment, which has released his two acclaimed records, Shadows On The Sun and the Champion EP. It’s been three long years since hip-hop fans heard from Brother Ali, […]

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Record review: Mouthful of Bees

Minneapolis-based Mouthful of Bees, with its barbed guitar lines and swarms of distortion, is a rare musical species: a band whose name perfectly fits its music. [Click here for more]

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